Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Today was quite frustrating, I had a fairly clear picture about what I thought would happen. Namely for the parabola in Apple to peak, then for it to sell off, causing a sell-off in NASDAQ futures. I had thought Apple would get up to $530 and I didn't have any clear divergence showing on my currency divergence chart at the time;

There was clear diverence on my equity market divergence chart however since earlier today I only had it set to show from 14:30 onwards (the open) I didn't see this at the crucial time.

When you think you know what is likely to happen, then it transpires but you don't get a position on due to missing some data that was available to you at the time, that is frustrating.

Still this method of trading is relatively new to me, and after all, this is trading, it's not possible to get it right all the time.

I'm on the right track though.

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