Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Not a lot happening so far today, no signals to trade, not much by way of any surprises in terms of economic data, apart from perhaps the ZEW economic sentiment survey (measure of institutional sentiment).  The June survey came in at -20.1 (against expectations of  -5.7 and previous survey of -2.4)

Seemed to appear as nary a blip on the intraday chart for FTSE 100 futures;

Similar story for DAX futures (FDAX);

and EuroStoxx 50 (FESX)

This suggests there is great expectation of a big FED announcement tomorrow.  A long time ago I read a story of a very successful trader who would trade market direction in anticipation of market news, he wasn't interested in the market reaction on the news, or following it, just if there was a clear direction leading into it...most probably worth bearing in mind for the future.

I'm off to watch the England game;

Will Rooney do it for Hodgeson's England?

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