Monday, 2 July 2012

Buy signal at 08:22, I wasn't watching the markets at this time but spotted it shortly thereafter, put a limit order in at 2604.25 and it came within 0.25 of a point of getting filled.  Frustrating.  Market rallied 14 points thereafter...

This was partly due trading using a mobile.  At home  I used to have my charts and indicators on one monitor, currency divergence chart on another monitor, and a dollar index and order entry system on another screen.  Works great at home, but with the mobile switching screens takes a few seconds (switching from the NASDAQ chart to the order entry screen).  Those few seconds cost me the opportunity of getting into a good trade so from today I've put the order entry system on the same screen as the chart with the indicators.  It'll be much easier doing things this way.

My new set-up (on screen 1);

On screen 2 I have AUD/USD, EUR/USD, AUD/JPY and NASDAQ futures;

Here we see secondary confirmation (by way of divergence) of the heightened probability of a rally in the NASDAQ, in the lead up to 08:22.

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