Tuesday, 3 December 2013

2 trades today
1 win and 1 loss

A very interesting day today.  Very heavy shorting from the retail traders as soon as the opening bell sounded yet the market rallied during this period for the first hour (when I was long).  More and more piled in on the short side and the market buckled.  I had a further trade later on, a short, however in hindsight that was an error.  It wasn't a crystal clear cut decision to enter as the picture seemed slightly fuzzy yet on some measure it was a legitimate short - overall it was borderline.  Although at the time it was slightly frustrating, thinking of the bigger picture I've made over 100 trades with this strategy and I've only made two errors out of all of those since I started trading this strategy.  Overall my trade selection and execution has been first class.   I'm still up today anyway, just not as much due to the error.

Trading such as this can only be measured over periods of 3 months and more otherwise there is a real risk of getting the wrong perception of the actual performance.  So far it's fair to say its going well, and it appears consistent.  Let's see where we are three months from now.

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