Friday, 12 August 2011


After some searching online yesterday I found out that ThinkorSwim license  an abridged version of their platform to the CBOE for papertrading, and  it's free to use after registering your email address;

The data is delayed but at least this means I can still use their chart  tools for end of day analysis.  It also comes  with ProphetCharts and I've already saved some of my indicators into  it, I won't be able to use them to trade intra-day though, due to the  delay.

It's quite a relief to have found this.   It's not possible to save the  chart settings on the main chart function so I'll just have to keep it  open all the time so I'd don't have to change the darn settings every  time I want to use it.

This is from the CBOE's web based "Paper Money" platform:

Gold futures;

Why couldn't the guys at ThinkorSwim tell me about this?

I asked them the specific question -

"Is there any way I can access a demo account from the UK?"

"No sir, there is not."

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