Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A new set-up on the way

I contacted Investools last night, they advised I would be able to take Prophet charts separate from the platform (contrary to what ThinkorSwim told me) as part of their Investools package.  They want $700 up front then $59 per month and unbelievably they told me they couldn't guarantee the data-feed quality.  I didn't even ask about data-feed quality, they just threw that in at the end of their sales pitch.   I've heard many complaints from people about the ThinkorSwim data quality and speed and experienced it myself using Prophet charts so I take all of this as a sign to move my business elsewhere.  Over at (BMT) Mike and another poster has advised I should be able to do what I need using a platform called NinjaTrader so I've applied for an account today with Mirus Futures.  The data feed is Zen-Fire.  These three came out top in a survey BMT held looking at the best futures broker, platform and data-feed for 2010, so although it doesn't feel like it right now it looks like I'll end up with a more professional set-up specifically geared to futures trading.

I'll need to learn how to program my indicators on the platform and it's PC only so I'll need to look at PC emulation software for my Mac.   I'm anticipating a few caffeine induced late night hair pulling sessions before I'm geared up to trade again.  I'm also on holiday in Nice with Miss PositiveDeviant for 2 weeks from the 19th August so it's likely to be a little while before I'm trading again.

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