Friday, 7 October 2011


A two hour meeting at work progressed in such a manner that even the colours in the room were seeping from the walls trying to escape, the dye in the carpet was doing it's best to reach the door, not wishing to be associated with the grey and desolate reality of the dis-jointed letters uttered by the mouth that we were supposed to be listening to but could only see open and close as my mind drifted to somewhere much, much more interesting.

I received Windows 7 yesterday, I'm sure it's a fake copy actually, even though I installed it, the authorisation key worked and the online validation worked - such is paranoi after having been ripped off previously.
(Also see - Pavlov)

It's taken me 5 hours to become aquainted with, and figure out how to program my indicator into, Multicharts.  I'm making progress, not as fast as I'd like but since I thought Multicharts would be quite daunting, with it's 905 page manual, I realise it's not so bad and so far we appear to have hit it off, although I'm not prepared to propose just yet.
Google Multicharts if you want to know more. I'd heard of it before via but knew nothing of it and paid no attention to it until I was forced from my laptop into the lap of Bill Gates after ThinkorSwim rudely interrupted my trading back in August. I will admit I am pleasantly surprised with Windows 7, it doesn't seem as intuitive as Max OS X, but that may be since I've become too accustomed to using the Mac over the years.

My DBDT indicator working on NASDAQ (on ThinkorSwim);

My DBDT indicator working on NASDAQ (on Multicharts);

Similar but different, for some reason the end number is not the same, perhaps I'll figure it out tomorrow...

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