Monday, 6 August 2012

4 trades today , a short at 10:06, longs at 13:16 and 13:58 and a short at 17:12;

These were stopped out, each for a 2 point loss.  I was a bit cheesed off on friday, namely due to there being 3 good signals last week but they were all in the last 90 minutes of the trading session, which is a period that I don't trade.  Nevertheless I have created a winning trading strategy but it only works if all the signals can be traded, I'm not able to do that due to work commitments, which is a bit ironic really.  It stands to reason that if you are looking to trade counter-trend as I have been with this strategy then if you can't trade all the signals then less of the winning trades will be taken and the power of the strategy is not  taken advantage of.  Counter-trend trading is a challenging exercise indeed and it's frustrating to have come up with something quite promising that I cannot take full advantage of due to time constraints.  

I've decided to stop trading this strategy and create and test a new one.

This time it will be a strategy based on going with the flow of the market, (not looking for tops and bottoms to trade).  It took some work and development to create that last strategy so this means it's not possible to say exactly when I might be trading the new strategy, but I'll be outlining my work as I go along here to find out what works, and what doesn't.

There are a lot of positives here, I have a greater understanding of what is required to create a winning trading strategy and my risk control has protected me very well indeed.  Whilst there may have been some emotion present when I first started out, some trepidation about trading and initial hesitancy about taking trades, I see it now just as it is, a business

I've spent a long time looking for turns in the market when all along perhaps the turn I have been looking for is inside my mind.

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